Welcome from the Chair

Welcome to the Utah Seismic Safety Commission (USSC) website! We’re glad you found us!

Our mission is to promote seismic (earthquake) safety in the State of Utah. We do this by advocating earthquake education, legislation and action. Seismic safety includes personal and community preparedness before an earthquake, committed and efficient response after an earthquake and continuous strong support for recovery plans and mitigation projects that can help us avoid or minimize future earthquake damage, injuries and fatalities. We also promote adhering to or even exceeding the latest building codes for construction of homes, buildings and our public infrastructure in general. This includes the promotion of structural analyses and upgrades to help strengthen our older buildings and facilities. Seismic safety for schools is particularly important to us. Please take time and review the resources found on our website. We hope you will find that an increased knowledge and awareness of seismic hazards will be most beneficial to you, your loved ones and our community.

Best wishes as you strive to be seismically prepared and safe!

M. Leon Berrett, USSC Chair

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