Drop, Cover, and Hold On!

Image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey.

If you are indoors when you feel strong earthquake shaking, drop to the floor, take cover under a sturdy desk or table, and hold on to it firmly until the shaking stops. Note: "Drop, Cover, and Hold On!" is also referred to as "Duck, Cover, and Hold."

More information on how to protect yourself during earthquake shaking is available in the Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country handbook or at DropCoverHoldOn.org.

Drop, Cover, and Hold On! or the Triangle of Life?

In a letter to all District Superintendents in the State of Utah, the Utah Seismic Safety Commission stated that "Until advised otherwise by a national safety organization, the Commission - based on provisional guidance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and its own technical judgment - recommends continuation of 'Duck, Cover and Hold' as an appropriate earthquake safety measure in Utah."

This in response to e-mails being sent to schools disparaging this practice in favor of the "Triangle of Life" as espoused by Mr. Doug Copp. He feels that individuals should disregard the "Duck, Cover and Hold" safety procedure or, as he puts it, "everyone will be crushed and will die".

USSC news release on continued use of Duck, Cover and Hold

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