Who We Are

The Utah Seismic Safety Commission (USSC) was established with the passage of House Bill 358 in the 1994 Utah Legislature. The legislation designated the USSC as an independent body and fixed the membership at thirteen with no regulatory or statutory authority.

In 2000, the Legislature passed the Utah Seismic Safety Commission Act Amendment, HB 200, which added two additional members to the Commission. Legislation describing the creation, membership, meetings, and duties of the USSC can be found here: Utah Code - Title 63C - Chapter 06.

The Commission advises the Legislature, Governor, state and local government agencies, and the private sector on issues related to earthquake safety. The USSC develops plans, introduces legislation, and implements education and awareness campaigns in order to save lives, prevent injuries, protect property and reduce social and economic disruption from the effects of severe seismic activity in Utah.

To broaden participation and seek additional advice, the USSC has three Standing Committees: Awareness and Education, Engineering and Architecture, and Geoscience.

The USSC invites citizen participation in its meetings and activities. USSC meetings are held quarterly; committee meetings are held as needed. If you wish to attend a meeting, recommend an item for consideration, or participate on a committee, please contact the USSC.

Mission & Strategic Plan


  • Review earthquake-related hazards and risks in Utah.
  • Prepare recommendations to identify and mitigate the hazards and risk.
  • Prioritize recommendations for adoption as policy or loss-reduction strategies.
  • Act as a source of information for earthquake safety and promote earthquake loss-reduction measures.
  • Update the strategic planning document and other supporting studies or reports

Strategic Plan

Since 1995 when the Commission created A Strategic Plan for Earthquake Safety in Utah, 27 of the 35 strategic objectives have either been successfully met or are being addressed in an ongoing way.

The Commission has submitted two additional reports to the Legislature describing varied activities and accomplishments of the Commission - either initiated, planned and executed, influenced, or engaged in - during the six-year period from July 1994 through June 2000.

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Mission & Strategic Plan

Standing Committees

putting down roots

Geoscientists review a fault trench excavated across the trace of the Wasatch fault by the Utah Geological Survey.

putting down roots

Damage from the 2008 magnitude 6.0 Wells Nevada, earthquake.